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No matter what you're looking for, you're going to find it at Smyrna Sporting Goods of Smyrna, DE. We have guns and ammo for any sort of hunting. Our store has the 1960s gun shop ambiance and we are known for our great customer service for 61 years.


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  • Full line of ammo

  • Guns bought/ sold/ traded

  • Full line of handguns

  • Full line of hunting shotguns for waterfowl and deer hunting - We carry Savage and Bolt Action in 12 and 20 gauge rifles

  • Full line of black powder guns - Thompson Center, CVA

  • Full line of shotgun slugs - Remington, AccuTip, Hornady, Lightfield, Winchester, and Federal in 12 and 20 gauge slugs

  • Large selection of rifle and handgun ammunition

  • Full line of steel shot for 12 and 20 gauge waterfowl - Brand names are Kent, Black Cloud, Winchester, and Remington

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  • Benelli

  • Beretta

  • Browning

  • Glock

  • Kel-Tec

  • Mossberg

  • Remington

  • Ruger

  • Smith & Wesson

  • Taurus